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The fitting room is just a click away
Biographies of the Founders

Wouldn't it be great if you could just click a button and instantly find your size in any item of clothing? This magic button is on its way, and we call it Size Wand®!

Size Wand® will soon enable you to find your correct size for new clothing purchases with ease. Simply enter your size in one or more articles of clothing that you know fits you well, and Size Wand® will instantly find your size in any item you wish to purchase. Size Wand® can be seamlessly integrated with individual product pages on retailer's sites and has been designed from the ground up to be in sync with how people actually shop. No size chart. No tape measure. No hassle.

By sharing your closet today, you'll help ensure the Size Wand® tool will include your sizes and favorite brands.  Then you'll be ready to experience the convenience of Size Wand® the moment it goes live.

Biographies of the Founders
Melissa Adelman, Co-Founder and Partner

Melissa has always been drawn to both the glamour and the business aspects of the fashion world.  However, as a 5’10” woman, the sizing inconsistencies among brands made apparel shopping a challenge, especially when buying online.  She’s tried on many pairs of pants marked “Long,” only to find that they barely made it past her knees. She would constantly gripe to others, thinking she was the only one affected by inconsistent and inaccurate sizing, and quickly realized that everyone has his or her own version of a shopping nightmare.  These frustrations, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, inspired her to found Size Me Up, Inc.

Melissa began to develop her ideas further during her time at UNC-Chapel Hill and teamed up with Jessica to compete in the Carolina Challenge business plan competition. The business plan: a comparative sizing system to help women and men of different shapes, sizes, and heights easily find their correct size.  They won the competition and since then have been working to bring this product to market and solve the sizing problem for billions of shoppers.

Jessica Crowell Murphy, Co-Founder and Partner

Jessica has always had a passion for helping people look and feel their best. While vanity sizing was originally intended to help people feel better about their clothing purchases, the rampant sizing inconsistencies actually serve as a significant hindrance to successful shopping.

After winning the Carolina Challenge business plan competition, she and Melissa decided to pursue their mutual passion for solving the sizing problem. They founded Size Me Up, Inc. and developed the Size Wand® tool. Jessica wholeheartedly believes that their tool is the solution that the apparel industry and her fellow shoppers are seeking.